Homerisk presentation at SRA conference Maastrich

Bodvar_TomassonBödvar Tomasson, University of Iceland ( co-author Harald Throne-Holst, SIFO) presented the paper Comparing assigned roles of households in the Nordic risk management plans at the 24th SRA-Europe Conference ‘Science, Policy and Society – Bridging the gap between risk and sciencein Maastricht, Netherlands, June 15th-16th 2015, in the ‘Risk Communication’ session.

The presentation reported first findings from the Homerisk project work package 1: National risk regimes: The role of citizens. The most important findings are that although national risk assessment plans gives good oversight of the risks in different countries and risk assessments are updated regularly, the role of citizens (rights and responsibilities) are absent in these documents.  A SIFO report on the topic is to be published shortly, and an article is also in preparation.

SRA-logo21The full conference book of abstracts of the SRA Europe conference 2015 in Maastrichtcan be seen here.

In addition to Bödvar Tomassson and Harald Throne-Holst, Homerisk partner Björn Karlsson (University of Iceland) also attended the conference. Theyreport that the SRA conference was very fruitful, with many new angles and connections.


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